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Why we need a Vancouver Plan

While Vancouver has many plans and policies for communities, housing, transportation, and infrastructure, we currently do not have a master plan that sets the direction for the entire city.

Creating the Vancouver Plan will help unify all of our existing plans, and prioritize future directions for the city we want to become.

The choices we make today will have a large impact on future generations. Without a clear vision, our daily decisions and policies may not lead us in a direction that we, together, desire.

What we hope to achieve

Providing a shared roadmap to a future city we all desire, the Vancouver Plan will include:

A Clear Vision

Reflecting the voices of all who live, work and play in Vancouver we aim to develop a clear and compelling vision to ensure future generations can thrive and be resilient in the face of uncertainties ahead.


Looking at communities, more affordable housing options, economic recovery, nature, culture, transportation and resilient infrastructure networks, we will develop or integrate priorities, policies, and partnerships required to move us intentionally toward the city we desire. These strategies have already been informed by thousands of conversations across the city to date, and upcoming analyses of trade-offs and possible future scenarios.

What + Where

A high-level physical plan will identify areas for future housing, jobs, community amenities, parks and transportation systems. Embracing opportunities and addressing key challenges, the Plan will include areas where change may occur and what it may look like, such as impacts from rising sea levels or flooding.

Investment Strategy

Delivering on our vision will require coordination of our public investments and infrastructure to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Measure + Monitor

A key to achieving our shared vision will be evaluating and monitoring our decisions along the way. The plan will include a set of key metrics and targets to help ensure that we remain on track through ongoing implementation once the Plan is approved by City Council.

Partnerships + Roles

Just as we cannot plan Vancouver alone, we will not be able to achieve many of the things we might desire as a city without a coordinated effort with senior levels of government and other potential partners.

Quick Start Recovery Actions

These will include actions to support vulnerable communities, generate economic recovery, and create greater efficiencies in City operations.


Guiding Principles for Engagement

Recognizing that we need your help and that we value your time, the City is committed to the following principles to guide this work:

  • Let’s include all voices
  • Let’s advance reconciliation
  • Let’s support community leadership
  • Let’s go to where people are
  • Let’s ensure many ways to participate
  • Let’s make it fun, easy and relevant

Join us and let’s begin Planning Vancouver Together.


During COVID-19, public engagement will need to adapt to support necessary public health measures. We will focus our efforts on-line, in print, and over the telephone until we can resume in-person meetings safely.