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Recovering from COVID-19

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we heard from many of you that life in this city was getting worse. Adding a global pandemic to the existing struggles has presented new challenges that will inevitably have profound impacts on our lives. While the longer term impacts on the economy and communities may be felt for years to come, the crisis has further highlighted existing inequities and gaps in service for lower-income, non-English speaking, racialized and other vulnerable communities.

In response to the pandemic, the planning process will shift to integrate short-term policy actions that respond to the immediate recovery needs of our community while continuing to work on a long-term strategy for a more resilient future. Public engagement will be focused on-line to support the necessary public health measures to slow the spread until we can resume in-person meetings safely.


Change is inevitable. How we change can be up to us.

Vancouver is a dynamic place, and over the years our city has seen dramatic and continual change. While we have much to be proud of, the benefits and impacts of this change have seldom been equally shared by all.

As our city continues to evolve, many forces will impact us beyond our control. The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the fabric of our city, and migration patterns, population growth, climate change and sea level rise are anticipated to have further impacts in the future. Global, political, economic and technological changes are continually blurring our understanding of what the future might hold. Federal and Provincial government decisions to fund infrastructure, services and affordable housing in many ways dictate the city as we know it.

However, while we may not be able to control all of these factors, our choices, actions and local investments can significantly alter the shape and experience of our future city.

By Planning Vancouver Together we can collectively tackle some of our most pressing problems, and in doing so perhaps inspire others to drive positive change at a much larger scale.

Together let’s imagine a Vancouver where future generations are thriving.

What would it mean to reach everyone?

The goal of Planning Vancouver Together is to ensure that the process reflects the voices and diversity of our population.

While we often receive thousands of responses in our typical consultations, we know that there are many voices we do not hear from. We want to change this with Planning Vancouver Together, and involve as many voices as we can in shaping our future city. Reaching everyone who lives, works or plays in Vancouver would mean reflecting all the voices of our diverse city. It would mean reaching:

  • those who feel a lack of ownership in the process or their community because they are either new to the city, don’t own property, or are struggling to find shelter;
  • those who have trouble engaging in English conversation, or feel their cultural perspectives are not represented by decision makers;
  • those who are too busy trying to make ends meet or struggling with day-to-day needs to take part; and
  • our children and youth, who too often feel like they don’t have a say or input into conversations about their future.

Coordinating with other initiatives.

The Vancouver Plan will be developed in coordination with a number of other programs and COVID-19 recovery efforts. These programs include Housing Vancouver initiatives, the Broadway Plan, Jericho Lands Policy Statement, Climate Emergency Response and the Employment Lands and Economy Review amongst others. Short-term community recovery actions within the Vancouver Plan will be coordinated with the City’s broader Economic and Community Recovery Program.

These programs are the building blocks for our recovery and a resilient future, and City staff will work collaboratively to ensure that what we hear as part of these processes informs the Vancouver Plan – and vice versa.

In the end, the creation of a new Vancouver Plan may identify new priorities that require us to update current policy. As this project concludes, those changes will be brought to Council. Until that time existing policies guiding our evolving city will remain in effect.

Let’s move forward together

With your help, talent and inspiration, we can intentionally create an actionable roadmap for our city’s future that is worthy of the people that make up this amazing place.

The journey will not always be easy, but no journey worth taking is. We can’t do this without you.