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What would it mean to reach everyone?

The goal of Planning Vancouver Together is to ensure that the process reflects the voices and diversity of our population.

While we often receive thousands of responses in our typical consultations, we know that there are many voices we do not hear from. We want to change this with Planning Vancouver Together, and involve as many voices as we can in shaping our future city. Reaching everyone who lives, works or plays in Vancouver would mean reflecting all the voices of our diverse city. It would mean reaching:

  • those who feel a lack of ownership in the process or their community because they are either new to the city, don’t own property, or are struggling to find shelter;
  • those who have trouble engaging in English conversation, or feel their cultural perspectives are not represented by decision makers;
  • those who are too busy trying to make ends meet or struggling with day-to-day needs to take part; and
  • our children and youth, who too often feel like they don’t have a say or input into conversations about their future.

Project Timeline

The process to help us build a new Vancouver Plan is outlined in multiple phases over the next two + years. The process and timeline will respond to what we hear and learn along the way, in addition to the need for a sustained recovery effort from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our intention is to present the Plan to City Council for a decision in the Summer of 2022.