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Planning for Recovery

While the pandemic could continue for many months to come, the planning for community recovery and future-focused resilience has begun and is more critical than ever.

When COVID-19 struck, the Vancouver Plan team had completed an initial listening phase that confirmed many of the major challenges our residents, business owners and community leaders were facing. As well, some exploration of community values, priorities and hopes for the future was gleaned.

Before the start of the pandemic, we heard clearly that our most vulnerable were facing the greatest challenges, and it has become clear that the impacts of COVID-19 have been felt most sharply by those already in need of support.

We have the opportunity to “build back better” by taking a close look at the underlying issues that contribute to the impacts of COVID-19 across Vancouver.

Our goal is to enable the well-being of all community members and address underlying inequities in recovery and long-term planning.

Short-term actions

While the Vancouver Plan will remain long-term in scope, it will be expanded to include a focus on short-term pandemic recovery actions that can be implemented over the next one to two years. These actions will be informed by early listening feedback, the experience and feedback received by City of Vancouver staff, and our public engagement moving forward.

These will include a range of actions including those to support vulnerable communities, generate economic recovery, and create greater efficiencies in City operations.