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Have Your Say!

Welcome to Phase 3 of the Vancouver Plan and our Young Planners Program!

It’s time for you, the city’s children and youth, to have your say in how Vancouver will grow and change over the next 30 years! We have some videos, and activities that will get you ready to fill out our survey and have your say!

Teachers (or parents, or group leaders, or really anyone) can walk through each of the videos and optional activities at whatever pace works for you and your students or groups. The program ends with an invitation for all youth to complete our Phase 3 survey and share their input directly with the city to help shape the Vancouver Plan!

If you have questions about any of the material, contact Stina Hanson, child and youth engagement planner at 604-786-2078,

Now, let’s get started!

Module 1: Getting to the Starting Line!

Let's learn about the Vancouver Plan and how cities plan for the future!

1. Welcome and Introduction

Hello and welcome to Phase 3 of the Vancouver Plan! Watch as Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart welcomes all Young Planners to the program! We’re so excited to hear what you have to say.

Optional Activity: Your City Needs You How are you involved in your community or your city today? How could you be involved in the future? Let’s have a class discussion about how you are all connected to your communities and the different ways you could be connected in the future! It’s a good reminder that everyone can make a contribution to where they live, at any age!

In addition to the optional activity, a teaching primer can be found here.

Let’s get started!

2: These Lands

This place is the unceded and ancestral homelands of the hən̓q̓əmin̓əm̓ and Sḵwx̱wú7mesh speaking peoples, the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish) and səlilwətaɬ (Tsleil-Waututh) nations (MST). Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples is at the centre of the Vancouver Plan and as you get started with the program, we want you to think about the meaning of reconciliation to not just the City of Vancouver, but also in your own lives.

Optional Activity: These Lands Have you given a land acknowledgement? Have you thought about what they mean? Have you thought about your connection to this place and how it was impacted by colonialism? For our Indigenous youth, have you ever told the city how it could support you and your community? In this activity you’ll have a chance to reflect on land acknowledgement and what it means to be settlers on these lands, or have some space as Indigenous youth to think about ways the city could support you and your community.

Note: This video and optional activity deal with topics that may bring up complicated feelings for students. Culturally appropriate supports and resources (including access to Indigenous Resource teacher and counsellors) should be available as part of an aftercare program for students following this activity. If any students want to share their reflections with the city, please send them to Stina Hanson at  In addition to the optional activity, a teacher primer can be found here.

3. Let's Plan

We’re in Phase 3 for the Vancouver Plan. So what happened in Phase 1 and 2? And what is a “planning process” anyway? This video walks through our youth feedback so far! In our optional activity you will learn that everyone is a planner! When we plan for cities we tackle big problems, but the process of how we get to a plan can be the same as what you do when planning for a class field trip, an event or a family vacation!

Optional Activity: Let’s Plan  Everyone is a planner! Whether your planning for the future, or a vacation. Learn more about how city’s try to solve wicked problems and design a planning process of your own? (Then check our our process and see how your process is the same or different from ours!)

In addition to the optional activity, a teacher primer can be found here.

4. How to Change Your City in 5 Steps?

So who makes decisions about planning in the city? Who approves things like new buildings or housing or parks? Here in Vancouver, it’s the Mayor and Council. Residents, including children and youth, have the chance to provide their input on various things to help Council make decisions (like filling out the survey at the end of this program!). Planning hasn’t always let everyone be part of the process. In this set of videos we talk about how Council has made decisions in the past and how you can help the city make better decisions in the future!

Optional Activity: What’s in a name?  History is all around you, including the people that were involved in shaping decisions the city made. Whose voices were heard? Who was left out of the process? Take some time to investigate buildings or places or things in the city you like and try to figure out how they came to be, who was involved and who was missing. As you move closer to providing your input, think about how important it is that plans listen to everyone. Equity is also at the centre of the Vancouver Plan and a key part of that is making sure everyone has the chance to get involved!

In addition to the optional activity, a teacher primer can be found here.

5. What's in a Vancouver Plan?

We’ve talked a lot about the Vancouver Plan, the process we’re in to develop it, how it needs to think about reconciliation and equity, who needs to be involved in providing input, but what actually is the plan? Learn about the Three Big Ideas that will shape the plan and some of the topics and elements that will be part of it. In Module 2, we’re going to ask how you think we can make the Three Big Ideas happen and what choices Vancouver should make. This video uses a drawing of the city to talk about it’s different parts and for this final Optional Activity you get to design your own plan for the future of Vancouver!

Optional Activity: Your Vancouver Plan It’s time for you to bring all you’ve learned together and design your future Vancouver! You can draw the whole city, a neighbourhood, a block or even one site. Think about the kind of place you might want to live in, or what things could be added to the neighbourhood you live in now, or something really cool you’ve seen in another city that you want in Vancouver.  Think about what you really want in your future Vancouver, because in the next Module you’ll be able to tell us all about it!

In addition to the optional activity, a teacher primer can be found here.

Module 2: Have Your Say!

Tell the city what choices you think we should make for the Future!

1. Have Your Say

In this Module you’ll have a chance to complete our Phase 3 survey!

These videos will remind you about the Vancouver Plan process, the Three Big Ideas and also introduce some areas of the city where we think the Three Big Ideas can happen!

First up: A reminder about some key topic areas and a few new things to think about (they might be about housing!)

A teacher primer for Module 2 can be found here.

2. The Vancouver Plan

We got some friends to make a video for us that walks through the whole Vancouver Plan process! It introduce some different areas of the city (like our Rapid Transit Areas, Neighbourhood Shopping Areas, and Residential Areas) that will be places of growth and change in the future. The video introduces some questions about how those areas could change and what kind of growth you might like to see!

3. That's a Wrap!

We’ve reached the end of our program! It’s time for you to fill out our survey and have your say! This video walks you through some parts of the survey and what the questions will be! You have two survey options: the first one has been designed for our younger planners and has a few less questions and uses images for some, the other is our main survey via the TalkVancouver platform. We encourage our high-school students to take the main survey and tell all of our more mature planners what you think!

If classes are stuck and need some help, feel free to get in touch with staff! We’re available to talk with you and answer any questions you’ve got about the Vancouver Plan or the survey (or really anything about the city)! Stina (your child and youth engagement planner) is at 604-786-2078 or and would love to hear from you.

We want to thank all students and young planners who have been a part of the process so far! Check back for more activities and an update on your input as the project moves towards a Draft Plan in 2022!

In addition to the digital surveys, an Educator Primer for Module 2 can be found here.