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How do you experience Vancouver?

Now that we know how the city runs, let’s talk about how it feels:

What is like to be a young person in Vancouver? How should the City change in the future? And what do you think Vancouver should do to build a city that works for our young people?

Part 2 will let you tell the City what you think: we have a survey, an interactive map, a neighbourhood walk and a bunch of projects to let you imagine, draw and write about the Vancouver of the future!

Students: Look at the activities below and complete whichever appeals to you!

Teachers: In addition to the descriptions below a full teaching guide for Phase to can be found here

Growing up in Vancouver Survey

We want to know what it’s like being a young person in Vancouver today and how we can make Vancouver even better in the future. The survey is designed to be taken after a class has completed Part 1 (look back at those modules if you haven’t yet).

Neighbourhood Assessment Walk

One of the most important parts of planning is getting out and looking at the city! See the Neighbourhood Assessment Walk Guide for how to plan your walk and the kinds of things you should be on the lookout for in your neighbourhood (hint: how is your neighbourhood just, green and fun?)

Young Planners Map

We want to know your favourite places in Vancouver, and the places you think need some improvements. Check out our interactive map and tell the city what you love! (thanks to Urbanarium for the assist!)

Student Projects

Design a model of your future Vancouver, write an essay about your ideal city of 2050, create a photovoice poster of your favourite park, or send us a TikTok video – we want you to get creative and imagine the Vancouver of the future!


Reach Out to Us!

Questions, burning ideas you need to share? Reach out at anytime contact Stina Hanson at or 604-786-2078 with any questions or ideas.