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Help create a bold plan for our city’s future. Starting on October 25, the Vancouver Plan team will share choices and priorities for how Vancouver could grow into the future.

Pre-register now and have a chance to win a $50 gift card to a local business!

Virtual Open House

Pre-register to join this one-stop-shop for Vancouver Plan information, including:

• choices and priorities for different ways we could grow
• information boards
• discussion guides
• an introductory video, and
• many ways for you to include your feedback online.

Online Survey

Pre-register to take this online survey to have your say about choices and priorities for how Vancouver could grow. Paper copies will also be available at pop-up booths and community facilities throughout the city.

Virtual Neighbourhood Area Workshops

Pre-register to attend a real-time workshop and receive a presentation from City staff, discuss questions with your neighbours, and provide feedback from your neighbourhood and area-wide perspectives. There will be two workshops for each neighbourhood area; each will accommodate up to 80 participants.


Outdoor Pop-up Booths

Facilitated by City staff, socially-distanced pop-up booths will be set up through the city. Stop by to learn about choices and priorities on ways the city could grow and change to 2050 and provide your perspective on a few key questions. No registration required. COVID-19 safety protocols will be in place.

Stay tuned for dates, locations and times.

What’s Next?

When complete, the Vancouver Plan will guide growth and change for the entire city to 2050 and beyond. Help us guide how we move forward.

You will have multiple opportunities to provide input on ways the city could grow and change to 2050.

Recent Events

City Council Workshop

Watch Vancouver 2050: An Expert Discussion on Planning and Growth, a data-driven discussion between City Council and a number of experts about planning for growth in Vancouver. This conversation took place on September 28th and is a part of the ongoing Vancouver Plan process. The dialogue included different perspectives on how to best consider and plan for future growth to 2050 – including population, jobs and housing and the connections between these.