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Planning Vancouver Together

A key focus of this planning process is working differently with community. To do this we need your help! We are asking interested organizations and institutions to help lead conversations, help others to participate and ensure that we are moving forward together as we implement the Vancouver Plan. There are a number of ways you can get involved.

Help others participate.

This plan will only be successful if we have heard from every community of all backgrounds and lived experience. Yet for some, the day-to-day struggles of life create major obstacles to participating in City conversations. Everyone is not starting from an even footing.

To address this challenge, the City is asking for the help of your organization or community group. Help us identify and remove barriers to participation to ensure that all residents are able to share their knowledge, expertise and experiences.

Pulling together.

Vancouver is filled with people and organizations who care deeply about this place and the future of its residents. These organizations and institutions are already leading public dialogue to initiate conversation and the sharing of ideas on how we can move forward together.

Help us implement the Plan.

A shared vision will be a great start, and we will need your help to fully bring the plan to life. Imagine if all the key institutions and organizations that impact our daily life were embracing the same vision and priorities and pulling together towards a desired future.

If this sounds like you, we would love to learn more about what you are up to and whether you might be interested in joining us in Planning Vancouver Together.

Become a Partner

Help us remove barriers, spark dialogue, and implement the Vancouver Plan. Join us in Planning Vancouver Together.
A view of the north shore mountains from Trout Lake in Vancouver