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Defining directions moving forward.

These goals reflect key issues as informed by the many communities, interest groups and stakeholders engaged in dialogue during the Listen and Learn Phase of the Vancouver Plan process. These goals also support what we are hearing from communities during this COVID-19 pandemic.

The struggles faced by communities are exacerbated by the pandemic, and these goals are intended to help guide planning in response to the pandemic and for a long-term resilient future. As we move forward in the planning process, we will refine these goals to ensure they continue to reflect what we are hearing and learning.

1. Advance a City of Reconciliation through Decolonization

To respectfully prepare for the future, the Vancouver Plan will need to truth-tell by confronting harmful and challenging pasts, address present inequities, and jointly map out a more harmonious path forward, together.

2. Create an Equitable, Diverse and Inclusive City

To achieve a more fair, equitable, and vibrant future, we must transform our processes and practices to make room for marginalized people and communities to step forward to the centre.

3. Become a Sustainable and Carbon- Neutral City

Ensuring the decisions we make today don’t undermine the generations of tomorrow means investing boldly in measures that move us towards a more sustainable future.

4. Ensure we are a Prepared, Safe and Resilient City

As Vancouver continues to grow, we need to ensure our urban environment and services foster safety and security so that everyone can thrive, and better prepare generations to come for a geological, weather or health crisis.

5. Develop an Affordable City with Diverse and Secure Housing for every resident that they can afford with 30% or less of their household income.

We are in the midst of a housing crisis, and the cost of living here does not align with the incomes of many who call, or want to call, Vancouver home. We also want to improve affordability to a range of employment opportunities, community services and childcare.

6. Support a Diverse and Healthy Economy

The well-being of our residents depend on a robust economy where prosperity is created and opportunities are available to everyone, shared and aligned with the values we hold as a city.

7. Create Complete, Connected and Culturally Vibrant Neighbourhoods

We need more walkable, accessible, and complete neighbourhoods that are connected throughout our city to ensure that every resident can meet their daily needs without relying on private transportation.

8. Re-Establish Thriving Urban Natural Systems.

As the most populous and urbanized municipality in the region, Vancouver has lost most of its natural areas and much of their ecological functions through more than a hundred years of development.  We need to preserve our natural beauty and repair and enhance our ecological systems for future generations.

9. Intentionally Manage our Growth and Align our Efforts Regionally

By taking a regional approach, Vancouver supports a stronger, healthier, and more robust city region.

10. Demonstrate Transparency in Decision-Making and Collaborate with Partners

Trust is an essential part of all relationships, including between local government and the community. The City of Vancouver is committed to building increased transparency in decision-making and consultation processes and to constantly enhance governance to effectively engage citizens and lead with a clear vision, priorities, monitor outcomes and constantly learn, adapt and improve our systems.