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Thank you for your valuable participation in the Vancouver Plan process to date. At this time, we are suspending in-person engagement and cancelling all scheduled events.

The City of Vancouver’s primary focus is the health and safety of residents, employees, visitors and City staff. Find the latest updates at or follow @CityofVancouver on Twitter.

Fall 2019 – July 2020

Listen + Learn

The first phase of Planning Vancouver Together will seek to understand what matters most to you and our communities. It will identify the values we hold and the aspirations we have for our future and will help guide the decisions that will shape our city.

Initial Invitation

November 2019 – January 2020

By going to the places where people gather – whether online or in community – we want to identify what matters most to you. What are our shared hopes and fears for Vancouver now, and for future generations?

By identifying shared values and places of importance, we will start to develop early ideas of what we might want to do differently.


Sharing Together

February 2020 – July 2020

Once you have shared your stories and aspirations, we will then discuss the key issues, themes and ideas that we have as a city. Broader public conversations will allow for diverse perspectives, community expertise and ideas for the future.

To date, we heard the hopes, concerns and aspirations of over 10,000 residents, employees, business owners and visitors as part of this initial phase.

Your valuable thoughts will soon guide our next phase of conversations on The Future We Want. Through this phase we will support organizations and groups to lead conversations in their communities and support efforts to dig deeper on the issues that matter most to people.


Sept. 2020 - Jan. 2021

Envision the Future

Building on our collective perspectives and hopes for Vancouver, we will explore trends and forecasts together that may impact the outcome of our future city. Together we will discuss the benefits and trade-offs on a range of possible options for the Vancouver Plan, selecting a preferred path to guide the remaining work ahead.

Feb. 2021 - Oct. 2021

Develop Key Directions

With the city we want broadly identified we will begin translating this into an actionable plan. This will include multiple levels of analyses into policy options and choices. What are our fundamental choices and priorities? Who do we need as partners in action? We’ll ask for your thoughts on the options we develop and together, we will identify how we best address the challenges of tomorrow.

Nov. 2021 - July 2022

From Plan to Actions

With further clarity on the city we want to become and the choices we are willing to make to get there, this final phase of Planning Vancouver Together will see us finalizing our plan and ensuring the right tools and partnerships are in place to intentionally move us towards the future we desire. Before reporting to Council in the Summer 2022, we’ll report back to you, the community, to ensure we’ve gotten it right.


Move Forward Together

With a Council approved Vancouver Plan, we will begin to make the changes and investments needed to intentionally achieve our collective vision. As we do this, we will continue to monitor, report out and adjust our actions to ensure that we are moving forward together, towards a Vancouver where all who live, work and play here are truly able to thrive.