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Young Planners: Planning Vancouver Together

Calling all Young Planners: What is the Future You Want?

You told us during Phase 1 the things you love about Vancouver (our natural environment, parks and public spaces), the things that need improvement (how we move around and the need for more recreation programs and civic facilities) and what your most important issues are for the future (housing affordability and homelessness, and impacts of climate change).

We took your input and combined it with feedback from our older planners and other recent projects to come up with 10 goals for the future! Your input helped shape these goals:  from “Advancing Reconciliation” to “Advancing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion”, to “Affordability and Secure Housing” to “Complete Neighbourhoods” to “Restoring Natural Systems”…but we’re just getting started.

Now we need your help again: We have the Goals, now how can we meet them? What ideas will get us to the future we want for everyone?

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is still making it difficult for us to come together and talk about the future. While we wait for in-person engagement to start up again, we have a lot of ways you can get involved and share your ideas with us!

Young Planners
Assemble! Draw Your City

We’re coming to a classroom near you!

We’ve been working on materials and lesson plans and activities that can help you learn about and contribute to the Vancouver Plan: Watch our Curriculum Connections page for materials and the chance for your classroom to sign-up for more interactive programming! For more information email

Check back later this week to see a recap of the events and ideas shared by our youth!

Everything you see is the result of choices made by someone

Have you ever wondered why things in your city are where they are? The sidewalks, the parks, the streets, the buildings – the simple answer is that everything you see in your city is the result of choices made by someone. Too often, those decisions are made without hearing from people like you, the city’s youth. Join us in Planning Vancouver Together and help define the kind of city we want in the future.


We want to hear from you!

What are your ideas for a post-Covid-19 Vancouver? What are your biggest issues for the future?

Share your ideas however you want. Show us your drawings, collages, photos, videos, you name it! You can build a sculpture, record a podcast – we’ll even watch your Tik Toks!

Wherever your imagination takes you, we want to see it! Please share at:

Feeling social? Share your ideas on your channel of choice using hashtag: #YoungPlannersVancouver 

Thanks to everyone who completed the Young Planners Survey! Check back for more ways to provide your input as we move into Phase 2 this fall!

Decisions made today will have big impacts in the future.

Things like where to build new housing , where new parks or playgrounds will go, or how we will adapt to sea level rise and protect the environment – all these decisions will have big impacts on how our city evolves for future generations. This is where we need you, our Young Planners, to help us guide the right choices for a future city where we can all thrive.

Planners to the people.

Even though we can’t meet in person right now, we’re still here for you. Staff would love to talk to you about the Vancouver Plan, whether that’s virtually to your class, to a group or organization you are part of, or even one-on-one.

Email or call 604-786-2078 to book a time!

Resources and Activities

We know you take being a young planner seriously, so we’ve got some activities and resources to help you learn even more about the city: you can build a model of your favourite building, create your own Vancouver mural and find some great books and movies about cities:

Curriculum Connection

Whether you’re just starting Grade 1 or have recently graduated and ready to take on the world, here are some assignments to connect everything you learned in school to the Vancouver Plan, making you an even better Young Planner!

Vancouver Planning 101

You might have noticed that planners often use funny terms, like “zoning” or “mixed-use” or “transportation modes”. Here we’re going to talk about some terms that planners use so that you, as young planners, can understand and help us as we keep moving forward with the Vancouver Plan.

Just for fun

Planning doesn’t have to be all work and no play!! There are tons of fun things to do that can also help you learn about cities or just get out and experience them! Some of these activities are from the city and our partners, while some are resources from other communities. Now let the fun begin!