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Everyone’s a planner.

From teachers deciding what their classes are going to study, to coaches developing drills or practices for their teams, to couples planning weddings and students figuring out what they are going study – Planning, of various kinds, happens all around you every day. In cities, urban planning (a special kind of planning), brings people together to make decisions about the places they live to create cities where everyone feels like they belong.

You might have noticed that planners often use funny terms, like “zoning” or “mixed-use” or “transportation modes”. Here we’re going to talk about some terms that planners use so that you, young planners, can understand and help us as we keep moving forward with the Vancouver Plan.

We will add videos and clarifications here along the way throughout the planning process, so if you have any questions as we go, please share them with us and we will provide answers and additional information on this page.