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Vancouver Plan engagement team speaking to the public about the Vancouver Plan

Phase 4 Engagement Findings

In this phase, we presented the draft Vancouver Plan for public feedback. The Draft Plan brought together the results of all previous phases, presenting a land use strategy, city design directions, and supporting policies in 11 areas.

The goal of this phase of public engagement was to hear from everyone who lives, works or plays in Vancouver to make sure we had gotten the proposed plan right.

We invited community input through two surveys, a special youth questionnaire, and information sessions across the city. In addition, a variety of stakeholder meetings were held, along with focused activities for youth and equity-denied groups.

After analysing the responses and survey data, public feedback clearly indicates that residents want an actionable approach for the city that is inclusive of everyone and focuses on creating more housing, supporting the local economy and addressing the climate crisis.

Read the full report below or scroll down for a summary of key findings.

Vancouver Plan engagement team speaking to the public on English Bay Beach

Our approach

We conducted two separate surveys to ensure that we had the clearest picture possible about what residents want. These were a Talk Vancouver online survey and a randomized Ipsos online poll.

To ensure the Vancouver Plan (and our future city) is shaped by the voices and diversity of our population, we invited input from everyone who lives, works, or plays in Vancouver, with attention to historically underrepresented groups.

We hosted a series of public information sessions, pop-up events and stakeholder meetings to raise awareness about the Plan and its contents, and promote completion of the survey. We also met with non-profit organizations working with equity-denied communities and neighbourhood resident associations.

At a Glance


Talk Vancouver survey responses in 8 languages


Ipsos survey responses in 8 languages


Public information sessions


Pop-up community events


Stakeholder meetings


Council Advisory Committee meetings


Youth workshops


Large-scale posters and advertisements around the city

Vancouver Plan engagement poster

Key Findings

Nearly 24,000 community engagement touchpoints have revealed broad support for all areas of the draft Vancouver Plan.

  • 60% of Talk Vancouver respondents and 55% of Ipsos respondents said they “really like” or “like most aspects” of the Plan. Both surveys recorded a larger number of neutral responses for this question: 19% for Talk Vancouver, and 28% for Ipsos.
  • Only 18 per cent of Talk Vancouver survey participants and 10 per cent of Ipsos respondents said they “dislike” the draft Plan.
  • 68% of Talk Vancouver survey participants and 58% of Ipsos poll respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the city-wide Land Use Strategy to make neighbourhoods more equitable, complete, and resilient.
  • 67% of Talk Vancouver respondents and 63% of Ipsos respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the six Neighbourhood Types, including more dense rapid transit areas and neighbourhod centres and lower density muti-family home (or multiplex) areas across the city.
  • The survey invited participants to share their feedback on 11 key policy areas, including: housing; climate; economy; transportation; arts, culture and heritage; and watershed and water resources. A majority of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed with all of the policy areas.

Learn More

The Vancouver Plan is the result of four phases of extensive public engagement, as well as two years of technical analysis on a wide range of planning topics such as land use, climate and transportation.

We also contracted Ipsos to conduct a randomized survey with a representative sample of Vancouver residents. The results from this survey are largely consistent with the ideas and opinions expressed for the priorities identified above.

Vancouver Plan public engagement team speaking to community members on English Bay Beach